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Living To Serve Him

As You Are Missionary Church (AYAMC) is a multi-cultural, Christ centered church located in Reseda, California. In our 13 years of existence, our body has seen continued growth, and we believe that our people and experiences truly reflect our local community. We continuously strive to create a welcoming, loving environment for all who come in, so that we may carry out the mission Christ has given us: Becoming disciples who make disciples.

We are seeking a Senior Pastor who has been called by God and is capable of bringing the truth of the gospel and Christ’s love to our congregation. We need an individual who is in tune with the Holy Spirit, actively digging into His word to know Him more and carry out His desires for our church.

Our next pastor should be a strong leader, highly effective in his communication skills and able to connect with people both personally and from the pulpit. We are seeking someone who delivers biblically based messages that call people to action and foster continued growth.

Our congregation consists of members of all ages, and we desire a pastor who can share in our love for the youth, men’s, women’s and family ministries, as each continuously works towards deeper relationships with Jesus Christ.

Our new Senior Pastor must have experience in leading a vibrant, diverse church. He must be able to effectively communicate and recruit/help develop leaders and staff members. He must be able to clearly articulate and implement a vision that is biblically and spiritually sound. His home and family should complement his ministry and he must be a balanced individual- physically, mentally and emotionally.

As You Are Missionary Church is looking for a man who reflects Christ and has a vision that honors and glorifies Him. Has God blessed you with an ability and desire to effectively teach His word and love His people? Do you have a passion for people and the Great Commission? Can you picture yourself leading a church to go forth in loving its community and preaching the gospel in love and truth?

As you read through this, please be in prayer and ask the Lord for His guidance and direction. As you seek His will, know that you will be welcomed with love and a congregation who just wants to do as the Lord wills.

If you are interested in applying, please send us your resume and a link to sermon samples.

Thank you.

As You Are Missionary Church believes in the special appointment and the unique gifting of Pastoral Leadership. We are looking for a special man to help lead in the Great Commission and to give God the glory he deserves. 

Required Qualifications / Expectations

You Must:

  • Be passionate about Jesus Christ, His purpose for us, and His ministry
  • Be humble and kind
  • Be willing to work with difficult people
  • Be approachable, trustworthy, and available for all
  • Be married to one woman for ten or more years
  • Have a wife who is supportive of your ministry and calling
  • Be a strong family man
  • Be a leader
  • Know how to manage your office and staff
  • Have previous Senior or Associate experience
  • Comply with 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9
  • Be able to teach
  • Preach salvation, repentance and the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ
  • Be comfortable with regular altar calls
  • Be dedicated to discipleship
  • Be mission minded
  • Be evangelism focused
  • Be a wise steward of all your assets at home and within the church
  • Not be a lover of money
  • Be a man of prayer and constantly in the word
  • Be a good listener
  • Have visible fruits
  • Always work on your relationship with Christ
  • Have a mentor
  • Have a vision and passion for the church’s future

Ideal if You:

  • Can connect with young adults
  • Have school aged children
  • Have a BA of MA in Biblical Studies
  • Are able to counsel


If you feel that you are an appropriately qualified candidate, please click the button below to begin the application process.

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7855 Lindley Ave,
Reseda, CA 91335


Sunday Mornings
8:30 am and 10:00 am


phone: (818) 758-1700 
email: asyouarechurch@gmail.com